lunedì 22 febbraio 2010

Torre Spagnola

This is what I saw in front at the Spain's Tower at Poetto Beach in Cagliari when the sun goes down.
(pilot G-Tec C4 and watercolor)

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Rosali Alves Colares ha detto...

wooow, i love this!!!!!
amazing art.
Adorei as hachuras!

Rosali Alves Colares ha detto...

fiquei impressionada com este aqui!

wawos ha detto...

Thanks Rosali. This place is my beach and the shadows are like in the draw.

André Moreira ha detto...


JRonson ha detto...

Beautiful sketch that u made, i love the 'trees' and the shade from them :)

nice one

Игорь ha detto...

Ficou muito bonito.

Gosto do seu traço .