mercoledì 17 novembre 2010

... on the roof

... from home.

(Pilot C4+watercolors on Moleskine 9x14)

5 commenti:

travelingsuep ha detto...

This doesn't look like the same place as in Dai Tetti. What an interesting place you live in.

wawos ha detto...

Actually I did this from the roof. While "Dai Tetti" was from one of my windows.
Thank you very much Sue.

Rogério Santana ha detto...

As I said before, this is the kind of drawing that I enjoy looking at. It feels like we're seeing it from your side. The painting give us a nice impression. This is just one of the reasons I like your work.

wawos ha detto...

Thanks Rogerio. Thank you very much.

Arianna ha detto...

Bella vista! Ciao, Arianna